EZ Group innovates and grows together with global companies.

All the light in the world!
Innovation was achieved with secret pattern technology.

The EZ Group has been continuously researching and developing over 700 experiments to solve the limited size, light reflection, and limited angle and short durability of existing Signage, and finally invented the world's first pattern technology to provide a wide range of SIGN advertising solutions at any angle or form. That is the secret pattern of EZ Free Sheet.
EZ Free Sheet technology is an LED signage and lighting innovation that realizes all the light in the world with one Sheet product, without going through the unnecessary process of laser, V-Cut, and printing methods, which are the manufacturing methods of Light Guide Plates used in the existing industry.
EZ Free Sheet technology enables development of various SIGN products with one pattern, and we created brands such as G-SIGN WAY and G-SIGN WINDOW to support successful business of our customers.
EZ Group promises to grow into a company that supports world-class technology so that more people around the world can use light most comfortably and freely.

Thank you.

EZ Group CEO