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EZ Free Sheet?

EZ Free Sheet is a sheet film using special light emitting materials with optical adhesion technology which is developed after about 700 experiments over 3 years.
It is a world's first free pattern LED reflective light emitting sheet film that can implement various types of lighting regardless of the LED irradiation direction.

Why EZ Free Sheet?

With EZ Free Sheet, anyone can easily and conveniently produce a light guide plate simply by cutting the sheet into the desired size and image and attaching it to acrylic.

Simplification of manufacturing process
Realization of All lights in the world
Excellent restoration function after moisture and immersion
Clear advertisement recognition from all angles
Easy maintenance
Larger size, mass production possible

Evolution of light guide plate technology

Anyone can easily and conveniently make a light guide plate by simply cutting the sheet into the desired size and image with the EZ Free Sheet and attaching it to acrylic.

  • 1st Generation light guide plate Etching method
  • 2nd Generation light guide plate Printing method
  • 3rd Generation light guide Film Adhesion method

NO! V-cut

NO! Laser

NO! Print

No need for acrylic v-cutting process


Up to 50% cost saving


Large size and mass production possible

EZ Free Sheet Specifications

Component Unit Specification
Size m 1.2 * 50(Roll Type)
Material(Sheet) N/A Reflective sheet(Luminous material printing)
Material(Release Paper) N/A PET
Color N/A White
Width(Sheet) μ 240(Including pressure adhesives and release paper)
Width(Release Paper) M 40
Temperature tolerance -30 ~ 80
Uniform light emission distance 2 Size irradiation 1200